Achieve the business success you’ve always envisioned


Achieve the business success you’ve always envisioned



Are you an online coach or course creator trying to juggle it all?

Creating consistent content… coaching your clients … marketing your product or service … hiring and training your team … managing your team … tracking your analytics … building connections … professional development … and all the rest!

It can all be so overwhelming and there’s only so many hours in a day! I get it!

You want to run a profitable, frustration-free business without constantly feeling like you’re at a bottleneck or running on a hamster wheel!

If you’re looking to grow or scale your business, but are pressed for time – I can help!

Strategic Mapping™+

Are you ready to get a system in place to help you plan, set and achieve your goals so you can maximize your growth this year? Let’s talk about how to strategically map out your business and create an action plan so you and your team have a clear road map to start taking massive action.

Project Planning

Are your projects always rushed? Your team is telling you they can’t possibly take on anything else right now and that your deadlines are impossible to meet?  You have a vision and an idea about how to carry it out, but no matter what you try to implement things are always so chaotic and your team’s energy is drained.  Let’s talk about how I can help ease the frustration!

OPERATIONS consulting

Is your business growing faster than you expected?  That’s fantastic – but now things are falling through the cracks and important deadlines are getting missed.  Let’s talk about me joining your executive team to help you structure your business and optimize your processes and plans.  With the correct right-hand person, your business will soar.

A little about me..

Hi, I’m Kristen Westcott, an online entrepreneur just like you and I love working with other entrepreneurs to help them scale their business, so they can reach their goals without burning out!

I am an Operations Consultant.  I work with online coaches and course creators who are 2-3 years in their business, have consistent income, and are looking to scale their businesses without the added frustration that comes with massive growth.

As an Operations Consultant, I help online course creators strategically plan out their quarterly goals and projects, manage their projects and teams, and handle the day-to-day operations of their business with less frustration and more ease. This allows them to truly be the CEO while still feeling confident that things are getting done.  I help them free up time to focus on the right things, so they don’t burn out. 

I specialize in: Strategic Mapping™, Project Planning, and Business Operations Consulting.

If you’re looking for some support so you can scale your business from six-figures to seven-figures and beyond, then I’d love to help you reach your goal.

More Focus – More Growth – More Enjoyment


“I had realized that I was in way too deep with consuming strategies and I desperately needed help. When I started working with Kristen I also learned from her caring desire to get to know me and my goals, that I only had surface level clarity on my mission which was contributing to my lack of engagement and connection with my ideal clients. She not only helped me dig deeper into understand who I helped, but also helped me to put together much of what I’d been creating into a coherent offer that made me feel way more confident about what I had to share. I am so grateful for Kristen’s combination of business knowledge and her willingness to understand who I am and what I’m passionate about.”

Nicole Terrel

Coach, Passionate Mamas

Kristen has been a client of mine, in multiple programs, over the past two years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to get to know her as well as experience her outstanding gifts and talents in organization and time management.


She is a fabulous communicator and does an exceptional job at implementing necessary tasks. She is quite skilled in creating systems and processes that streamline projects to keep them on track.


Organization and time management are her strong suit. After reviewing Kristen’s annual promotional calendar, I can confidently say that she has what it takes to manage online projects with ease. 

Karen Pattock

Business Coach and Strategist, co-founder of the Wellness Business Insiders Club

I was continuously struggling to find time to work on my business while managing a fulltime job and family.  Kristen helped me figure out where to find time to fit in pieces that will help me build my business and move it forward.  Kristen is a great listener and encourager and helped me to see that I can shift thing around when they do not work for me any longer.  I don’t have to keep doing things the same way.  Finding time to fit in the most important things can be tough, but Kristen helped me to plug in the non-negotiables so I could add in the items that need to get done as well.

Joy L. Vincent

Health Coach


Ready to truly be the CEO of your business instead of doing all-the-things?

It’s time to finally make your vision a reality.  Set your organization up with the right systems, processes and people so that you can lead your team efficiently and serve your community (and enjoy downtime with your friends and family).

Click here to book a call to see how we can assist you in reaching your goals for your business this year.

Remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

“No further progress and growth is possible for an organization until a new state of simplicity is created”

Dan Sullivan

Coach, The Strategic Coach ®


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