Streamline your business systems, systematize your workflows and scale your business according to your vision. It is possible! You can grow and lead a team without being chained to your desk every day.

Spend your days being the visionary of your business instead of constantly putting out fires and scrambling to pull it all together at the last minute.


If it has to do with managing the day-to-day operations of your online business, I’m your gal!

You’re probably …

  • Overwhelmed by your business and you sometimes can’t even remember why you started it to begin with
  • Constantly playing “catch up” as you move between the tasks on your daily to-do list
  • Still longing for that freedom that being a CEO was supposed to give you, but you’re now sitting chained to your laptop and phone frantically trying to stay on top of it all
  • Experiencing chronic stress which is leading you to burnout, but you can’t see how to stop doing what you’re doing
  • Afraid to take time off because your business will collapse without you

Does any of that sound familiar?

Well, fear not because you’re not alone! If you’re experiencing any of the above thoughts or feelings, you’re in the right spot.

A little about me….
Hi there!

I’m Kristen Westcott, the Director of Operations/Integrator and Consultant behind Kristen Westcott Media.

I help online coaches and course creators free up their time, get organized and manage their projects so they can work with their clients, scale their business and feel confident that things are getting done and without the distraction of worrying about everything else.  I help them focus on the right things, so they don’t burn out. 

Trust me when I say I get it! I know exactly what it’s like trying to grow a business with multiple other things on the go.  I have two girls, ages 2 & 5.  Between working fulltime in the corporate world, building my business on the side and constantly feeding the kids, I get how exhausting it is.

I am also addicted to learning! Yes, seriously, I am.  I went to college and university and received a diploma, an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts.  I also worked as a Teaching Assistant and Learning Skills Strategist at the local university for 14+ years, where I got paid to learn and support students.

But, I still wanted to learn more, so I pursued a Health Coaching and Life Coaching Certification.  And I’ve taken numerous business marketing courses, project management courses and finished my Director of Operations certification.

I have a passion for learning and serving others.  I still take online courses for fun, so I can constantly grow and stay on top of the ever-changing online space.  I love attending conferences, meeting new people and learning from the experts.

There’s a constant struggle between feeling like you can’t get this business to grow while you make the most of your time with your family and knowing that you need to be pursuing your dreams to be happy.

Well trust me it is more than OK to chase your dreams, it is a vital piece of who you are and doing this one thing for yourself will actually better your relationship with your family.

When your stressed out, overwhelmed and unhappy your family can tell.  It’s time to give yourself and them the gift of less stress, overwhelm and struggle. You need to step away and take that vacation!

Let me explain my story.

Full of energy and optimism, I started post-secondary studies.  After completing several years of schooling, I began working in a law firm.  I worked as a legal assistant to a litigator, managing case files, tracking deadlines, managing the lawyer’s schedules.  There was never a dull moment (as I’m sure you can imagine).  This was my introduction into learning to love a streamlined system and operations.  I quickly began to love being able to know where we were with a file at the click of a button.

I worked for a few different lawyers, and I quickly realized that I was able to see the gaps in their workflows.  I became the go-to gal for organizing the file and tasks in the client management system.  However, I really didn’t enjoy working in the law firm, and unless I went back to law school to become a lawyer, there was no room for growth.

I transitioned into a new career as a Learning Skills Specialist/Strategist where I worked with students on developing the skills necessary to be successful in their academic endeavours.  From goal setting and time management to writing processes and strategic exam preparation, I developed and delivered workshops and conducted 1-on-1 consultations where I helped students figure out the process that worked best for their unique learning style and course combination … and I loved every minute of it! There was just a lack of opportunity for growth in the position.

I began doing some project management for a digital marketing firm and that’s when I truly hit my stride.  I was in my element as I coordinated the team on various client projects.  That’s when I decided to start up Kristen Westcott Media and work as a Project Manager and Director of Operations for online coaches and course creators, which allowed me to have the freedom and flexibility and room for growth and learning that I craved.

My gift is helping entrepreneurs take their vision and create an action plan so that they can be successful and scale beyond what they had imagined. I help break things down into manageable pieces so there is no overwhelm or frustration and nothing gets forgotten.

So why do I love project management and running the day-to-day operations of other businesses?


I’ve been where you are – I used to be a health coach and a life coach, and I know what it’s like to think “how on earth do others do this? I can barely keep up”.

When people asked me how I was doing I often said overwhelmed or busy.  I’d lost sight of why I was doing what I was doing — because I was constantly running behind and never felt like I could keep up.  I was on my computer and phone late into the evening and wondering when I was going to see the ROI for my time and money.

I wanted to take a night off, or a weekend off, but I just couldn’t gain any traction and feared I’d fall further behind – that what I had managed to build might collapse.

Because I know those feelings so well, and because I am a highly sensitive and empathetic person it is my mission to relieve those feelings from as many other entrepreneurs as I can.  The term “hustle” brings on heart palpitations and I want to help you create a business that you run, instead of letting your business continue to run you.

Whether you’re launching your first online course after doing 1 on 1 coaching and consulting for a couple of years or growing your team to expand your course offerings, utilizing a team to grow your business is essential.  But, you don’t want to spend your entire day managing them. You don’t want to be so tied to the day-to-day operations of your business that you can’t take a vacation. I’ve helped CEOs and visionaries manage their business, so they can have more freedom and flexibility to do the work they love and lead the life they dreamed of.

I’ve been in your shoes, I know how overwhelming it can be to try to grow a business while managing all of the other pieces of your hectic life.

Let me help give you some breathing room so you can enjoy your work again.


“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how to do it.” – Maya Angelou



  1. Family comes first.
  2. Operate from a place of empathy, integrity, respect and trust.
  3. Always give 110%.
  4. Serve others to the best of your ability. And always serve from the heart.
  5. Be authentic and honest. Have integrity in everything you do.


I am passionate about serving 100 entrepreneurs (by 2025) by helping them manage their projects and launches, reduce their workload and scale their business, so they can focus on the right things (what matters most to them) and not burnout!

A few random facts about me …

  • My Kolbe A Score is 8-8-3-2
  • My DISC score is D-2%; I-14%;  S-41%;  C-43%
  • I’m an ISFJ
  • I’m left-handed
  • I worked as a legal assistant for 7 years, specializing in civil and commercial litigation
  • My favourite colour is aqua – I love all things aqua!
  • I met my husband at a pool (where we were both lifeguards)
  • I am a personal growth junkie (never used to be this way, but now I can’t get enough! Books, courses, conferences – I want to read, see and experience them all!)
  • I could probably give up just about any food or drink in the world … as long as it’s not chocolate!
  • I LOVE exclamation marks! I use them a lot!
  • I am NOT a morning person (don’t talk to me before 7am)!



… what if I told you there is a better alternative to feeling burnt-out, exhausted and miserable trying to keep up with your business’s day-to-day operations?

… that it’s possible to spend more time on the activities and people you love instead of time-consuming administrative tasks.

… that you could finally be the CEO of your dreams and designate all your focus to your vision and growing your business

Let’s take a closer look at your business operations so we can streamline it for success.

If you’re looking for some support so you can scale your business from six-figures to seven-figures without burning out, then you’re in the right place. I’d love to help you reach your goal!

Are you ready to get the operations support you need to grow your business and keep your sanity?  Click here to schedule a call to discuss your unique business needs.

Remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!